Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Is it so wrong to be submissive?

My knees are bloody. I am far from a chaste being. No one knows what it is like to be a girl. A girl who is a libertine. A girl who refuses to live within the lines of social stigma. Society says a girl should be virtuous, have combed hair and never let any four letter words slip from her pretty cherry blossom mouth. LOVE is a four lettered word that is allowed to be spoken. A girl should be obsessed with love, loving and giving love to only one man. Fuck that. I am the kind of girl who refuses to comb her hair, likes to make men beg, loves the idea of lust and debauchery. LOVE is a curse, a disease that is meant to eat away at your being leaving nothing left but rotting bones. The theory of giving your heart to another person is a farce. I would rather spread my limber legs to a stranger than give my heart to a man that has no intention of giving reciprocal sentiment. DON'T is an expert four lettered word. I DON'T sit around, biting nails to cuticle wating for a call. I DON'T glutton my sorrows away with ice cream and delights. I DON'T wait for the day I see his face again. I WILL ignore your advances for redemption. I WILL laugh when you squirm under my flat gaze. I WILL make damn sure your suffering is grand. I WILL FUCK your enemy, just to FUCK YOUR SELF esteem up. I WILL FUCK you one more time in YOUR bed, leaving my scent on YOUR sheets and my lipstick on YOUR DICK. I WILL MAKE SURE you FEEL PAIN. I WON'T be stopped. I am a CUNT, a HERO, a LIAR. A wrecking BALL, set out to destroy YOUR stability. FUCK you, FUCK society. I am who I am. If that makes me LESS of a GIRL, then I am tickled PINK to be just that. I WILL be MORE than thrilled to SUCK, FUCK, KILL, and BLOW you the FUCK AWAY. Use my TITS, LIPS,HIPS and EYES to BURN you the FUCK DOWN. I am REAL. I am FAKE. YOU WILL WISH to be LIKE me. JUST LIKE THIS GIRL.