Monday, May 11, 2009

Les secrets dans la chambre à coucher...

Let's pretend baby. Let us masquerade this liaison behind white washed walls. Stealthy we must keep this. He cannot find out. Call upon me, make me your toy. I want to be used. I am a glutton for the way your body moves. The way your lips look so sullen. I get high with every touch you make down my back. Euphoric disposition. I am inclined to be submissive. Schoolgirl shy. I accept your advances, sir. You are king and I am not. I want you all over me. Resistance is now a forgotten word. Such a rapturous delight, sweeter than cointreau banana melts. Melt into me. Bend me, take me, break me because in your hands I am as fragile as glass. I feel no guilt for the other when you consume me. You, my dear are the secret that I plan on keeping for my own selfish indulgence. I cannot give you up...I will not.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

You know I'm not dead I'm just the tears inside your head.

This desolation pains me. My heart feels an absence that is merely indescribable. There is no panacea to alleviate the pain or loss. Even though you are here, you are not. You are like a phantom with motives not entirely known. I wonder what I have done. Is it because I am troubled? That I cannot help. I was broken long before you existed in my realm. You are too far gone. I cannot rope you back in. I am another victim of cataclysmic love. Even though I lay next to you....Our love is long distance.