Tuesday, June 2, 2009

I imagined that I could make it all lucid...

Wide eyed. Impossible to not explore this beatitude. Like a release of glitter at a parade. My heart skips and jumps to the beat of school children playing hopscotch. The world has turned a dull color, yet you and I are in technicolor. Leaving traces of our love in vibrant hues of magenta, fuchsia and crimson. This feeling can only be described as a lysergic acid doused sugarcube hitting my readied tongue. Feeling overwhelmed and dulled all at once. Candy colored kisses and diamond eyed provocations. Skin crawling just to be closer to yours. Ominous voices telling me "You Dear, are quite alive again". It is all bittersweet. I indulge in this escape. If this is what love is, then i proudly accept this invitation of intoxication.

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